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Our Mission

A global leader 
in Integrated Higher Education of Design development

Company Overview

Fis’D is a no-profit consortium, established since 2001 by Reseach Institutes, Schools, vocational training Institutions, Universities, Enterprises and Public and/or Private Institutions, that has the followings statute aims:

  • reseach, vocational training, professional updating on the sectors of Design and of the related scientific-humanistic matters, as well as to develop integration among vocational Training Agencies, Universities, Education, Labour Market and to match job offer and demand;
  • studies and establish of vocational training postgraduate courses (VET, Master etc.);
  • arrange stages/internships for students into companies and/or practices;
  • supply technical-scientific innovative consulting both industry and public sector.

Fis’D Consortium is located in Catanzaro, Italy.​​

The founding members of the Consortium are IMED - Mediterranean Institute of Design, located in Catanzaro, Italy; Vivarium Association, located in Catanzaro, Italy; ISIA - Higher Institute for Artistic Industries, located in Urbino, Italy.

In conducting many activities, these partners are joined by distinguished national and transnational partners. Among these are NITH - National Institute of Technology, located in Hamirpur, India; Region of Calabria, Department of Urban and Territorial Governance, located in Catanzaro, Italy; SiTI - Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation, located in Turin, Italy; and many other.

The Consortium is accredited by the Region of Calabria for Continuing Education and High Education.

We strive to develop cooperation between the different institutions from country and culture as a bridge able to enhance the global community


Activities seek to promote European Higher Education, to improve and increase career opportunities for young people, to provide an intercultural understanding through the cooperation of third countries.

Training, is focused and built on the consideration and needs of emerging cultural and socio-economic development on a global scale. It seeks to meet the requirements of professionalism, based on a connection with civil society and the world of work, to bridge the digital-divide, to overcome gender discrimination (gender-divide) and occupational segregation. It encourages the transnational mobility of young people by enhancing linkages between cultural diversity of individuals and systems involved; to maintain flexibility and constantly being up to date with the changing conditions in the labour market.


Always at the cutting edge of Higher Education
Our beneficiaries are what we are


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Meet The People Behind The Vision

The board of the Consortium are:

  • Consortium Assembly;
  • Executive Board;
  • Technical-Scientific Committee (its components change depending on activities);
  • the FIS’D President and Deputy President;
  • the FIS’D Scientific Director;
  • FIS’D Administrative Director.

Our Board

To learn more about our activities, or to get in touch with our representative, contact us today.

Prof. Anna Rotella


President since 2003, Student Support Coordinator for the reCity EJMD  since 2012, Teacher of Fashion Pattern Maker at iMED since 2004, Teacher in many Technical  Schools since 1959.


Email: president@fisd.eu

Arch. Ivan Alfieri


Scientific Director since '10 of reCity EJMC, Coordinator and Project Leader in the EU Initiative "Equal" for the Partnership Development "Digital Campus" since '05, Architect since 1996.


Email: director@fisd.eu

Arch. GiulianA De Fazio

Representative of Executive board 

Executive board member from 2012, she teaches city regeneration at reCity EJMD and Design at IMED. Graduated in Architecture since 1984 and PHD in Architectural Design. 


Email: secretariat@fisd.eu



ISIA Urbino is a founding member of FISD Consortium and the Director in charge is member of FISD's Executive board.




Email: secretariat@fisd.eu