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Fis'D is a no-profit consortium, established since 2001 by Research Institutes, Schools, Vocational Training Institutions, Universities, Enterprises and Public and/or Private Institutions.

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Consortium Overview

Fis'D has the followings statute aims:

  • reseach, vocational training, professional updating on the sectors of Design and of the related scientific-humanistic matters, as well as to develop integration among vocational Training Agencies, Universities, Education, Labour Market and to match job offer and demand;

  • studies and establish of vocational training postgraduate courses (VET, Master etc.);
  • arrange stages/internships for students into companies and/or practices;
  • supply technical-scientific innovative consulting both industry and public sector.

Fis’D Consortium is located in Catanzaro, Italy.


Growing population, integration of migrants and refugees, uncontrolled urbanisation of deprived neighbourhoods, mono-functional areas abandoned, pollution and climate change, heritage threatened, poverty and social/spatial segregation urge new solutions posing monumental challenges in terms of housing, mobility, energy, environment, health, education and social services. It becomes crucial a regeneration of the city. This is the issue addressed in the European Joint Master Degree in City Regeneration named reCity EJMD. A master degree created for who want to design and share innovative ideas supporting communities, stakeholders and political leaders towards more sustainable cities. The focus is city regeneration, pursued with a holistic approach based on improving competencies of the beneficiaries to help cities become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges, in terms of design, communication, building and management.

The main objective is to deepen university study and work experience, integrating them with interdisciplinary skills to acquire specific competencies required by the labour market for successful employment in a wide range of contexts related to city regeneration.




We’re Hiring

We are looking for exceptional people to join our innovative, international team. There are a wide range of opportunities, in both design and scholar roles across a number of locations. 

Our staff is made up of experienced professionals from a range of disciplines. The culture of the practice is open and dynamic and we welcome the very best talent from around the globe.



Construction engineer


GraPhic Designer



Giving Back

The Fis’D Consortium develops a common and clear promotion and visibility strategy for the course, providing information about the Program and the Master course from the academic, financial and administrative points of view. 
FisD staff is constantly available to send material requested, answer questions in real time, help students and their parents with the understanding and going-through the whole application process, managing the expenses/scholarships/tuition issues, provide support for further clarifications to applicants and their families.
Prospective students, is provided with all the needed information that will allow them to come to a conscious decision about her/him future learning.

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Main Headquarter:

Fis’D Consortium

Viale dei Conti Falluc 70/a 88100 Catanzaro, ITALY

Email: info@fisd.eu 

Tel  (+39) 0961.769629

Web: www.fisd.eu    

Skype name: consorzio.fisd 


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